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Preparation for Maximum Results

At Vibe Bodywork, we do not give specific nutritional advice. It is up to you and your doctor to determine what works best for you. However sufficient biocirculation & healthy biochemistry are necessary for this work to be effective. The following information may be helpful.

The Weeks Before Your Session: 

1. Diet: Eat as “cleanly” as possible. This basically means avoid foods that congest the liver, kidneys, or bowel, including hormone residues, artificial chemicals, pharmaceutical residues, foods & beverages that spike the body’s blood sugar levels, and heated or rancid oils & grease (cooked butter, canola oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, olive oil, etc). These foods can stagnate the tissue, and lead to inflammation, pain, weakness, and dysfunction. The pain you feel can be directly related to the foods you eat. You may feel less pain in your body, in your life, and during deep tissue massage if you eat clean, oxygenated, alkalizing foods. The cleaner your diet is, the healthier your cells likely will be. The healthier your cells are, the more efficiently they metabolize energy, which can lead to more chi flow (circulation) throughout your body. Healthy circulation is the key to healing disease. 

Some examples of clean foods: Raw or lightly cooked organic produce; cereal grasses; chlorella; blue-green algae; sea greens; organic potatoes & beans; raw or lightly cooked organic meats & eggs; raw unheated creams & butters; very aged raw cheese; raw unheated honey & blackstrap molasses; raw organic cacao; raw seeds & nuts fresh from the shell; sprouted breads; sprouted beans; live & fermented foods; purified, distilled, and mineral water; fresh organic shots of juice; raw organic milk; fermented beverages; and organic herbal teas. 

Some examples of unclean foods: Pasteurized dairy; refined sugar; artificial sweeteners; high fructose corn syrup; MSG; aspartame; agave nectar; heated oils & grease; roasted nuts; low-quality chocolate; raisins; white flour & grains; white rice; cheap pastas, breads, soy, tofu, wheat, quinoa, barley, and millet; non-organic, medicated, processed, genetically modified/engineered foods; overly cooked meats; tap water; low-quality coffee & alcohol; excess caffeine; soda pop; energy drinks; and artificially preserved juice. 

*The key to eating right is to know your own body's needs based upon your body type & ancestral background, and experiment & learn to use your food as your medicine. You may want to start with the "Blood-Type Diet" to begin determining which foods digest easily and make you feel strong. For further nutritional education, however, you may want to consult Medici Medicine and the Weston Price Foundation.
In addition, some short-term fasting, biochemical purification, or internal organ "cleansing" may also be helpful for some clients. For this, please see a qualified holistic doctor, or refer to Dr. Medici's staff at & (949) 873-2127. 

2. Exercise: Stretch and exercise as often as possible. Flexible bodies with strong hearts and lungs have more oxygen, better energy flow, more vitality, and will increase the effectiveness of the massage. Stretching the tendons (not necessarily the muscles) helps to move chi. There are numerous books on stretching. Find a few stretches that you know you need and do them every day. Yoga is excellent, but not for everybody, and there are alternatives. I would always do a good warm-up before stretching. Aerobic activity that you actually enjoy is always the ideal exercise, such as swimming, running, martial arts, gymnastics, dancing, etc. But adding in the right amount of weight training will likely be essential. 30 mins/day minimum of aerobic exercise is preferred for most. Jumping on a mini-trampoline may be a good way to get started. These exercise should make you sweat and burn off excess internal heat energy! Saunas & Banya Therapy can be very helpful for regulating internal temperature and boosting the immune system.

3. Lifestyle: In addition to the diet & exercise improvements, some clients may find it helpful to spend some time in meditation, prayer, or seclusion for internal reflection… or out in nature getting reconnected to the elements. Others may need the opposite... out-n-about, in public, or with friends. These changes usually are more relevant for clients seeking energetic bodywork (chi mover), not for the ones simply receiving soft tissue (fixer-upper) work.  

The Day Of Your Session:

1. Shower or bathe before the session.

2. Wear loose, easily removable clothing that you can stretch in. No robes please. 

3. Do not eat for 1 hr. prior to session.

4. Do not consume any alcohol or caffeine prior to session.

5. Remove all jewelry and hair clips.

6. Inform your practitioner of any current illnesses or injuries.  

7. Pets are NOT allowed near the treatment table.

*Please do not schedule a session when you are sick. Although massage therapy can be very beneficial to speed up the healing process in sub-acute and chronic cases, it is not conducive to this type of work. Any pain or congestion you are experiencing will prevent you from moving chi at the levels we are trying to achieve.  

Using Your Breath:

The way to release tension and circulate chi is through the breath. You probably already know this from your yoga classes. Its called pranayama. But on the massage table you need to alter it a bit, to a more relaxed form of pranayama. Your body already does this naturally in the form of a "sigh". Have you ever been sitting in traffic, not moving an inch, late for work and frustrated? Do you remember taking a semi-deep breath and then just simply letting some of that frustration go right out of your mouth? You probably use this stress-relieving technique more than you are aware of. And you can learn to use it as a tool when you feel any pain, tension, or negative emotions that may arise during a bodywork session. What you want to do is take a normal breath in, picture the air (and chi) reaching every cell in your body, from your head down to your abdomen, and then out to your fingers and toes. Upon exhale, just let the air fall out of your mouth, taking the tension with it by letting out a little "core" sound, such as "ahhh", "haaa", or "hmmm" that seems to come from your low abdomen. It's NOT about taking a long, concentrated slow breath in, and then letting a long, concentrated slow breath out. That type of breathing will only make you more frustrated. Just simply breath in and then simply let the pain go. But breathe deep enough to penetrate "heart space". This will help you to circulate chi and release deeply rooted tension.     

"Bodywork done intelligently is as important as surgery. It is the work that can heal people down to the core, and keep them from ever getting sick." -Dr. Medici

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V  I  B  E

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Book an appointment with Vibe Bodywork using SetMore

the following forms must be filled out prior to your first session. You may use the link below to download them, or you can fill them out when I bring them with me to your appointment.


In addition to my primary work with Cirque du Soleil, I provide outcall services inside Go For It USA Gymnastics, located at 1650 E. Helm Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89119, Suite 200. If you are interested in outcall services to any other location, including homes, hotel rooms, sports events, and conventions please email with your request, $100/hr (traveling fee included).


MONDAY 1:30-3:30pm                    
TUESDAY 1:30-3:30pm​ 


THURSDAY 1:30-2:30pm 

FRIDAY 1:30-3:30pm (Browns Gymnastics students only)
SATURDAY 1:30-6:30pm (classes only)

SUNDAY closed  

The health history and health complaint forms (kept completely confidential) are necessary to determine the appropriate treatment approach for your particular situation. If it is determined that this work will be ineffective or possibly dangerous to your health, you will be referred out to the proper healthcare professional.


You may pay by CASH, CHECK, or VENMO to Vibe-Bodywork.

Session Details

The work I do is both holistic and clinical. All assessments & treatments are based in Western science and Eastern tradition. I first figure out what type of work your body is ready for, and what variables are preventing you from being free of pain, restriction, or other health goals. As explained in the Energetic Health Guide you will be provided with, most structural and/or biochemical issues are addressed first. But if your tissue is clean and flexible enough, we may proceed with deeper or more "energetic" work you may desire. Much of this work is done over the clothing. However, you may be asked to remove clothing when the tissue must be accessed or assessed directly. In this situation, proper draping will always be used. Please wear loose clothing that is easy to stretch in, preferably made of natural fibers, like cotton or linen.

I basically offer three services... 1. Soft Tissue Manual Therapy (the "fixer-upper", which is various massage techniques that address aches, pains, knots, and other restrictions in the tissue), 2. Energetic Bodywork (the "chi-mover", specific techniques & approaches that truly stimulate bioelectricity to circulate strongly throughout the body), and 3. Full-Body Massage (the traditional relaxing massage all Westerners are used to). But first you need a consultation to get started...

Basic Consult: This is the required initial assessment that will determine the best treatment approach for your particular situation, and usually is all that is needed to begin any future treatment sessions. It takes an hour to complete, and usually includes an exploratory treatment. Whether you have aches, pains, stiffness, an old or new injury that needs to be evaluated & treated, a surgery that needs to be rehabilitated, or if you are looking for an energetic assessment of your meridians, chakras, kundalini, etc... THIS IS THE SESSION YOU START WITH. However, if further investigation is needed, you may be requested to schedule a Full Consultation. *If during the consultation it is determined that my services will be of no benefit to you, there will be no charge for the session.

Full Consult: This optional assessment may be needed if you have a health concern that requires in-depth analysis. It takes approximately 2 hours. If you are unsure if you need this full consultation, just email me first to find out. It is a comprehensive holistic evaluation that is based upon my many years of clinical experience, and the teachings of Dr. Vincent Medici*If during the consultation it is determined that my services will be of no benefit to you, there will be no charge for the session.


Soft Tissue Work: This "fixer-upper" is soft tissue manual (massage) therapy work (30 mins for one area of the body or 60 mins for two-three areas) done on specific areas of the body that are in need of rehabilitation, remodeling, or other hands-on treatment. This work specifically addresses problem areas, structural imbalances or dysfunctions, and areas recovering from an injury or surgery. We first address any biochemical interferences that may be involved, then remediate the myofascial restrictions, and finish with increased optimal levels of chi & mind into the area for maximum healing power. 
Chi Bodywork:
This "chi-moving" energetic bodywork session (30 mins or 60 mins) is where we TRULY open your meridians, cranial rhythms, and chakras! Each session begins with a brief energetic assessment to set a baseline. Then compressive, cross-fiber, stretch, and caress techniques are used to open your body up to the quantum level. I take notes during every session, and closely monitor your progress as you move up the levels of energetic freedom. If you are able to circulate chi significantly and you possess a strong mind/body connection, then this one is for you. But if you are not able to move chi efficiently throughout your body, and do not possess a strong mind/body connection, this session may also be used to help re-establish this crucial connection, where we will focus primarily on techniques that will open your meridians and establish body awareness. If internal cleansing, blood building, exercise regimens, etc are necessary to balance your nervous or endocrine systems and/or increase energy flow, you will be directed to an appropriate health care professional for assistance.

​Full Body:
A traditional, relaxing, full-body massage (lasting approximately 75 mins) designed to get you feeling balanced and reconnected. We are not addressing any soft tissue restrictions or other problem areas here. Please schedule “Soft Tissue” work for those concerns. This is purely a “feel good” session. The depth of pressure (light touch, deep tissue, moderate, etc) will be applied according to your constitutional type & current needs. Clients are undressed, but properly draped at all times. Organic olive and rosemary oils are used. Please notify us if you have any allergies to these lubricants. ​This type of massage is better suited for home sessions. Please email us to set one of these sessions up at your home or hotel room.