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$100/55 MINS


$200/2 HRS


$80/55 MINS

$40/25 MINS

$80/55 MINS

 $40/25 MINS 

the following forms must be filled out prior to your first session. You may use the link below to download them, or you can fill them out when I bring them with me to your appointment.

Session Details

The work I do is both holistic and clinical. All assessments & treatments are based in Western science and Eastern tradition. I first figure out what type of work your body is ready for, and what variables are preventing you from being free of pain, restriction, or other health goals. As explained in the Energetic Health Guide you will be provided with, most structural and/or biochemical issues are addressed first. But if your tissue is clean and flexible enough, we may proceed with deeper or more "energetic" work you may desire. Much of this work is done over the clothing. However, you may be asked to remove clothing when the tissue must be accessed or assessed directly. In this situation, proper draping will always be used. Please wear loose clothing that is easy to stretch in, preferably made of natural fibers, like cotton or linen. IF YOU HAVE PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE ASSESSED & ADDRESSED, PLEASE SCHEDULE IN-CLINIC SESSIONS ONLY. THE OUTCALL SESSIONS ARE DESIGNED FOR RELAXATION & RECONNECTION, NOT REHABILITATION.

Basic Consult: Done in-clinic (IC) only, this is the required initial assessment that will determine the best treatment approach for your particular situation, and usually is all that is needed to begin any future treatment sessions. It takes less than an hour to complete, and usually includes an exploratory treatment. Whether you have aches, pains, stiffness, an old or new injury that needs to be evaluated & treated, a surgery that needs to be rehabilitated, or if you are looking for an energetic assessment of your meridians, chakras, kundalini, etc... THIS IS THE SESSION YOU START WITH. However, if further investigation is needed, you may be requested to schedule a Full Consultation. *If during the consultation it is determined that my services will be of no benefit to you, there will be no charge for the session.

Full Consult: This optional assessment must also be done in-clinic (IC), and may be needed if you have a health concern that requires in-depth analysis. It takes approximately 2 hours. If you are unsure if you need this full consultation, just email me first to find out. It is a comprehensive holistic evaluation that is based upon my many years of clinical experience, and the teachings of Dr. Vincent Medici*If during the consultation it is determined that my services will be of no benefit to you, there will be no charge for the session.


Acu-ssage: Offered during outcall sessions only, this is a full-body deep tissue, myofascial, and circulatory massage combined with acupressure. The ideal session to get you relaxed, reconnected, and back into your body. If during the initial assessment it has been determined that you are mind-body "imbalanced" or "dis-connected", this is one of the session styles that I use to get you rebalanced & fully connected to your body and life. This "body-mind reconnection" absolutely must be achieved before moving on to deeper energetic work. You will be undressed, but securely draped with a sheet, during this session. *Acu-ssage is the closest treatment session to a traditional deep tissue Western-style massage that we offer.

CircUssage: Offered during outcall sessions only, we begin with a salt scrub to open up the detoxifying ability of the skin. You will then go shower the salt and dead skin off, and then return to the table, where we will proceed with a full-body Gua Sha (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) and/or cupping massage treatment to break up myofascial restrictions and stimulate circulation. This tissue "scraping" technique will redden the skin, but not cause the deep bruising that is commonly associated with Gua Sha & cupping therapies.
Yoga-ssage: ​
Offered during outcall sessions only, this session is performed on a futon floor mat. You will remain fully-clothed, and are asked to wear light, comfortable clothing that is easy to stretch in - preferably made of natural fibers, such as cotton or linen. The techniques used in this session are compression, gentle joint mobilization, and stretching, as your body is twisted and contorted into various positions.
Foo-Foo Fluff & Buff:
Offered during outcall sessions only, this is a light-medium pressure massage treatment. If you enjoy a lighter touch, or if your body is in a fragile condition, for whatever reason (pregnant, elderly, weak, immune-compromised, etc), the Foo-Foo is for you! It's the closest to a traditional "Swedish" massage session that we offer... only way better!
This treatment is available in-clinic (25 minutes or 55 minutes) only. It is work done on specific areas of the body that are in need of rehabilitation or other special treatment. Many people do not need a full-body massage session. They may only need work done on a specific problem area, or one that is recovering from an injury or surgery. As with all of my sessions, I take an energetic approach to this as well - first dealing with the biomechanical & biochemical aspects, but finishing with increased optimal levels of chi & mind into the area for maximum healing power. 
This session is offered in-clinic (25 minute or 55 minute) only. Here is where we TRULY open your meridians, cranial rhythms, and chakras! Each session begins with a brief energetic assessment to set a baseline. Then compressive, cross-fiber, stretch, and caress techniques are used to open your body up to the quantum level. I take notes during every session, and closely monitor your progress as you move up the levels of energetic freedom. If you are able to circulate chi significantly and you possess a strong mind/body connection, then this one is for you. But if you are not able to move chi efficiently throughout your body, and do not possess a strong mind/body connection, this session style and the Acu-ssage (explained above) may also be used to help re-establish this crucial connection, where we will focus primarily on techniques that will open your meridians and establish body awareness. If internal cleansing, blood building, exercise regimens, etc are necessary to balance your nervous or endocrine systems and/or increase energy flow, you will be directed to an appropriate health care professional for assistance.

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Preparation for Maximum Results

The weeks before your session:

1. Eat clean, live foods as much as possible. A toxic diet equals toxic cells, which leads to inflammation, pain, weakness, and dysfunction. The pain you feel can be directly related to the foods you eat. YOU WILL FEEL LESS PAIN IN YOUR BODY, IN YOUR LIFE, AND DURING DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE IF YOU EAT CLEAN, OXYGENATED FOODS. Organic, live foods are best. The cleaner your diet is, the healthier your cells are. The healthier your cells are, the more efficiently they metabolize energy, which can lead to more chi flow (circulation) throughout your body. Healthy circulation is the key to healing disease.

Some "clean" foods: Raw or lightly cooked organic produce and cereal grasses (oat, wheat, barley), organic potatoes & beans, raw or lightly cooked organic meats, raw unheated creams & butters, raw unheated honey & blackstrap molasses, raw organic cacao, raw seeds & nuts fresh from the shell, sprouted breads, sprouted beans, and live & fermented foods. Purified, distilled, and mineral water, fresh organic shots of juice, raw organic milk, fermented beverages, and organic herbal tea.

Some potentially dangerous foods: GMO foods, pasteurized dairy, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, aspartame, agave nectar, heated oils & grease, roasted nuts, low-grade chocolate, raisins, white flour & grains, white rice, cheep pastas & breads, soy, tofu, wheat, quinoa, barley, millet, non-organic, medicated, processed, genetically engineered foods, and overly cooked meats. Tap water, low-grade coffee & alcohol, excess caffeine, soda pop, energy drinks, and artificially preserved juice.

*The key to eating right is to know your own body's needs based upon your body type and ancestral background, and experiment & learn to use your food as your medicine. I recommend starting with the "Blood-Type Diet" to begin determining which foods digest easily and make you feel strong. I don't prescribe to it completely, but appreciate its general guidelines. For further nutritional education, however, you will want to consult Medici Medicine and the Weston Price Foundation

2. Stretch and exercise as much as possible. Flexible bodies with strong hearts and lungs have more oxygen, better energy flow, more vitality, and will increase the effectiveness of the massage. Stretching: Stretching the tendons helps to move chi. There are numerous books on stretching. Find a few stretches that you know you need and do them every day. Yoga is best. Warm up your muscles before you stretch them. Exercising: Fun, aerobic exercise is best (swimming, running, martial arts, gymnastics, dancing, etc). 30 mins./day minimum of aerobic exercise is ideal. Jumping on a mini-trampoline is a good way to get started. Anaerobic exercises like weightlifting and golf don't count.

3. Cleansing. It may also be necessary to do some internal "cleansing", such as colon, liver, gall bladder, kidney, and/or coffee enemas. For this, please see a qualified holistic doctor, or refer to Dr. Medici's staff at, or call (949) 873-2127.

The day of your session:

1. Shower or bathe before the session.

2. Wear loose, easily removable clothing that you can stretch in. No robes please. 

3. Do not eat for 1 hr. prior to session.

4. Do not consume any alcohol or caffeine prior to session.

5. Remove all jewelry and hair clips.

6. Inform your practitioner of any current illnesses or injuries.  

7. Pets are NOT allowed near the treatment table.

*Please do not schedule a session when you are sick. Although massage therapy can be very beneficial to speed up the healing process in sub-acute and chronic cases, it is not conducive to this type of work. Any pain or congestion you are experiencing will prevent you from moving chi at the levels we are trying to achieve.  

Using Your Breath: The way to release tension and circulate chi is through the breath. You probably already know this from your yoga classes. Its called pranayama. But on the massage table you need to alter it a bit, to a more relaxed form of pranayama. Your body already does this naturally in the form of a "sigh". Have you ever been sitting in traffic, not moving an inch, late for work and frustrated? Do you remember taking a semi-deep breath and then just simply letting some of that frustration go right out of your mouth? You probably use this stress-relieving technique more than you are aware of. And you can learn to use it as a tool when you feel any pain, tension, or negative emotions that may arise during a bodywork session. What you want to do is take a normal breath in, picture the air (and chi) reaching every cell in your body, from your head down to your abdomen, and then out to your fingers and toes. Upon exhale, just let the air fall out of your mouth, taking the tension with it by letting out a little "core" sound, such as "ahhh", "haaa", or "hmmm" that seems to come from your low abdomen. It's NOT about taking a long, concentrated slow breath in, and then letting a long, concentrated slow breath out. That type of breathing will only make you more frustrated. Just simply breath in and then simply let the pain go. But breathe deep enough to penetrate "heart space". This will help you to circulate chi and release deeply rooted tension.     

"Bodywork done intelligently is as important as surgery. It is the work that can heal people down to the core, and keep them from ever getting sick." -Dr. Medici

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Session details are explained further below...

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The health history and health complaint forms (kept completely confidential) are necessary to determine the appropriate treatment approach for your particular situation. If it is determined that this work will be ineffective or possibly dangerous to your health, you will be referred out to the proper healthcare professional.



I am licensed to work in Las Vegas, NV (NVMT790). For clinical massage therapy & energetic bodywork, I am using Brown's Gymnastics located at 5277 Cameron St. Las Vegas NV 89118. For all of the other work that I offer, I can bring my portable table to your home, hotel room, or office. There is a $20 traveling fee only for properties located Downtown, on The Strip, and in Lake Las Vegas.



Due to my full schedule at Cirque du Soleil, my private session time is limited. However, I will do my best to accommodate you.

I'm currently available for sessions at the following times & days...

MONDAY 1:30-3:30pm (in clinic only)                   
TUESDAY 1:30-3:30pm​ (in clinic only)


THURSDAY 8:00pm-9:30pm (outcall only)

FRIDAY 1:30-3:30pm (in clinic, but services are for Brown's students only), 8:00pm-9:30pm (outcall)
SATURDAY 1:30-3:30pm (in clinic, but closed for classes occasionally), 8:00pm-9:30pm (outcall)

SUNDAY closed  

V  I  B  E


(This is where I bring my treatment table to you)


$120/75 MINS

$120/75 MINS

$120/75 MINS

$120/75 MINS​​