Dealing With Anxiety:  Self-help habits & exercises to get you calm and collected.

Following The Tao:  Understanding the Way that guides us along the path of least resistance. 

Genuine Mind-Body Balance: Learn what this really means!

Testing Your pHEverything you need to know about testing & balancing your body's acidity & alkalinity.

Strengthening The Immune System:  Very effective approaches to increase the body's ability to fight disease.

Lic. NVMT.790

Your Lab TestsWhen you're taking your health into your own hands, this information is invaluable.

Free Downloads

Perfect Speed: You MUST discover this!

Relative Questions: ​A 6-page ​questionnaire designed specifically so that you can to get to know your family members better, and to share their information with future generations.

Basic Rules Of NutritionAs far as diet goes, here are the real fundamentals.

Opening Your Own Meridians: Steps you can take to help get yourself connected and radiating with real chi. 

Speedy Tissue RecoveryHow to optimize and maximize tissue healing.

Understanding Biliary Tension:  Could your neck or back problem really be a liver problem?

Genuine Warriors: Learn to recognize these rare & glorious individuals.

When Biochemistry Is The Issue: Understanding and dealing with the biochemical aspect of pain & disfunction.

Self-Healing MeditationWhen you need genuine Divine intervention in your healing!

The Centering ExerciseA simple meditation that may be used daily for grounding & mind-clearing, or to overcome any mental interferences & inadequacies.

Experiencing Chi:  A simple explanation of what genuine energy flow feels like in your body and in your life.

Basic Jin Shin:  Learn to use gentle acupressure techniques to help heal and reduce your aches & pains.

It's Not MagicAn explanation of Vibe Bodywork's soft tissue therapy techniques.

​Primary steps to GET HEALTHY:

1. Sleep enough to heal

2. Work out & Get flexible

3. Eat & Drink right

4. Repeat steps 1-3

These are THE basic fundamentals of health; sleep, exercise, flexibility, and diet. Before you ask about herbs, cleanses, treatment protocols... what should I take for this? ...what do I do for that? ...etc etc etc, these basic fundamentals MUST be addressed, and for a minimum of six weeks. Any other health concern that you have may be dealt with after these basics actions are met. If you have a debilitating medical situation and are unable to perform these basic actions, then you need to be under the guidance of a physician, and this work is not appropriate for you yet.

Secondary steps to GET HEALTHY:

1. Learn about your body type's unique nutritional, environmental, and emotional requirements

2. Achieve "Mind-Body Balance" within your nervous system and daily life

3. Open your meridians, chakras, and cranial rhythms

As you work on these secondary steps, most health conditions will naturally balance themselves out along the way. For a better understanding of these concepts, please refer to the Energetic Health Guide, available for free during your consultation. To set up an appointment, please look under the 'SERVICES' tab on this site.


Real health is ENERGETIC HEALTH, which is a genuine feeling of vibrancy and optimism within every cell of the body. Some people just naturally have this, and others have to find it. This site is for anybody who is on a quest to discover this higher level of being.

In the world of alternative healthcare & natural medicine, there are many techniques, methods, and philosophies to choose from. You have Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Egyptian & African approaches, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Herbology, Western Chiropractic, European Osteopathic, Holistic Bodywork, Massage Therapy, Energywork, Energy Psychology, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, etc etc etc... the list goes on and on and on. But whichever path you decide to take, there truly is only one goal in the end... OPEN THE BODY'S MERIDIANS. Sometimes we say "meridians" as an umbrella term that covers all of the words that have been used over the centuries to describe the many levels of energy fields that make up the human body. Its is only after the meridians are open that we may experience genuine optimal health and prosperity in life.  

Based upon the work of Dr. Vincent Medici, Vibe Bodywork is dedicated to practicing & teaching the most efficient ways to open these meridians.

The Yawning Stretch:  A simple way to begin feeling your chi!

How The Future WorksMagic, mystery, prophecy… and how the future really works.


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