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Welcome! I incorporate many styles of Massage Therapy into my bodywork methods, but my work can be divided into two main specialties… Clinical Soft Tissue work and Energetic Bodywork.

My clinical work is based upon my many years of working on professional athletes, and is primarily focused on seeking out and freeing up any structural restrictions in the muscles & connective tissue (the myofascia). These problems are often the result of past injuries that were never fully addressed properly, but may also be due to current injuries, structural imbalances, or just plain old poor daily habits. So here I basically treat any aches, pains, sprains, strains, adhesions, scar tissues, tensions, knots, trigger points, chronic restrictions, or any other issue in your tissue… including the “I have tried eeeeeeeverything, but nothing seems to quite fix it” folks.

This work is done in a three-step process. First we ensure that the area is clear of any biochemical restrictions (chemical nerve irritants or blood stagnations that may prevent us from properly accessing the deeper structures), then we free up & realign/remodel the tissue, and finally we open up the area to optimal levels of healing circulation. Any higher level assessments, strengthening, stretching, or structural rebalancing work that may be required will be referred out to a Doctor, Physical Therapist, Athletic Therapist, or Personal Trainer. 

The techniques may include Myofascial Release & Neuromuscular Massage techniques, Active, Passive, & Positional Release methods, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Acupressure, Cupping Massage, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, and Electric Muscle Stimulation.

My energetic work, I call "Chi Bodywork" has been described as deep tissue energywork, but is a specialized form of Shiatsu Therapy. I originally was certified as a Shiatsu-Anma Specialist, which is a hands-on practitioner of Chinese Medicine. I graduated from the Shiatsu Massage School of California, where I also became certified as an Instructor, and have been practicing and teaching Oriental Bodywork & Massage Therapy in Las Vegas since 2003. 

Shiatsu-Anma is acupressure (acupuncture without needles), and like other forms Oriental healthcare, the assessment process is similar. But rather than using needles and herbs, we use hands-on manipulative techniques to treat health imbalances. The main goal of the work is to open the energy flow (Chi, Ki, Prana, etc) throughout the body, which leads to optimal health, pleasure, and happiness. However, Chi Bodywork takes Shiatsu to a whole different level. The first step is to get the mind & body genuinely connected. This then allows us to move on to opening up the body's energy fields (meridians, chakras, kundalini, etc). The energy flow that is felt with this type of work is profoundly undeniable, and can be a life-changing experience.

The work is similar to traditional massage therapy, however, the assessment & techniques incorporate both Eastern and Western sciences, and sometimes push the edge of the client's psycho-structural limits. It is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothing (no robes, please) that is easy to stretch in, preferably made from natural materials (cotton, linen, etc). If asked to remove clothing for specific work, proper draping procedures will always be in effect.

I also am a nationally certified EMT, and have been offering CPR & First Aid classes since 2006. I spend most of my time working for Cirque du Soleil, practicing clinical massage therapy on professional athletes, but I also offer a variety of private bodywork sessions and classes. 

"Chris knows exactly what I needed and he knows exactly what he specializes. I had an opportunity to be in Las Vegas and I had a amazing session with him. I had a pain in my left front thigh that was bothering for more than 2 months. He assessed the condition carefully and navigated his healing Chi successfully to affected sites and pressure points without wasting any time and effectively opened up the Chi blockages. I had a series of good pain during his session.  His every variety of the techniques are powerful and I felt they were  integrated so well to free my holding factors in both emotionally and physically. His concentration in the session is intense. I am free of pain now but I definitely want to have another wonderful experience of opening Chi." ​

-DoAnn T. Kaneko L.Ac., PhD, O.M.D.

C h i  B o d y w o r k e r    
CPR/First Aid Instructor
Massage Therapist


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I practice & teach the art of "opening meridians" through bodywork that pierces the edge of life. It renews the spirit, rejuvenates the immune system beyond comparison, and is THE ultimate anti-aging tonic.

Lic. NVMT.790


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